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What Does a Good DSP Look Like?

A New Industry Presentation from Advertiser Perceptions

Presented by: Kevin Mannion, Chief Strategy Officer, Advertiser Perceptions


30 minutes, including 10 minutes of Q&A

What does a leading DSP do in the minds of advertisers that others do not? What do even the leaders need to do better? In this session, Kevin Mannion of Advertiser Perceptions will look at market findings on how advertisers (marketer and agencies) select DSPs, what they look for in their preferred DSP, and their views of the leaders in the category.

Advertisers Full Speed Ahead on Mobile – For Now

Advertiser Perceptions report shows audience remains the catalyst, programmatic buying is on the rise. NEW YORK, NY – As smartphones get smarter and people spend more time on them, advertisers intend to keep spending more on mobile, according to a new Mobile...

Trust Issues Weigh On Digital More Than Many Think

Advertiser Perceptions finds marketers growing even more cautious about ad spending with social platforms. NEW YORK, NY – Third-party verification can’t come too soon to digital media, as the combination of bot fraud, fake news and audience restatements has 50% of...

Native Advertising Optimism Gain Momentum

Social networks lead the charge as more advertisers look to commit more money to native campaigns. NEW YORK, NY – Native advertising is gaining momentum as a brand advertising genre, according to the media industry business intelligence experts at Advertiser...