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Advertiser Insight
The Advertiser Intelligence Reports (AIR) is the largest and most comprehensive tracking study of media decision makers in the world. Currently in its 24th wave, AIR provides media company executives with the plans and opinions of thousands of marketers and agencies every six months about more than 500 leading and emerging media brands—digital, mobile, television, print and radio. AIR enables the measurement and tracking of Advertiser Experience delivering actionable insights and guidance for improvement.

Providing Media Brands with the Tools to Strengthen Their Brand and Increase Sales

Perception is reality. Campaigns are won or lost based on what advertisers think. The media executives, who manage advertisers’ perceptions well, also tend to have stronger brands and sell more advertising. Armed with the research-based advertiser insight that we deliver, our clients are able to accurately focus their actions to effectively manage the advertiser plans and perceptions of their media brands in a positive direction. The result? A superior advertiser experience, stronger brand, improving advertiser satisfaction and increasing advertising sales.

A Deep and Proven Focus on the Media and Advertising Industry

Discovering where and why advertisers feel the way they do about our clients’ media brands is the objective of the insight that we collect on their behalf. Just as important is knowing which advertiser feelings are important to building and maintaining a second-to-none advertiser experience, and which are not. And, how what’s important today is changing over time.

Actionable Insights to Boost Your Business You Cannot Get Anywhere Else

When it comes to gaining knowledge and clarity about what advertisers think, nothing compares to what we deliver. Our proprietary database and panels of media decision makers are large and responsive. The advertiser survey and questionnaire development process that we employ is proven and ensures optimal response. Focus and media industry expertise enables us to effectively analyze and accurately interpret the research that we conduct on behalf of our clients, who represent most of the largest media companies in the world.

Multi-Client Solutions

Our Multi-Client Solutions represent the thoughts and opinions of media decision makers involved in recommending, specifying and/or approving the selection of media brands for advertising. Their plans for and opinions of these media brands are of essential interest to the executives who lead media companies that depend on the sale of advertising. These solutions include the Advertiser Intelligence Reports (AIR), AIR Global, Digital Campaign Management System, Programmatic Intelligence Reports, Digital Marketing Hub, our AP Access Reports, and AIR For Agencies.

Multi-Client Solutions to be delivered in 2016 include:

Advertiser Intelligence Reports

The Advertiser Intelligence Reports (AIR) is the largest and most comprehensive ongoing tracking study of media decision makers in the world. It provides media company executives with the plans and opinions of thousands of marketers and agencies every six months about more than 400 leading digital, mobile, television, print and audio media brands. Read more…

1. AIR Advertiser Optimism

AIR Global

AIR Global extends the Advertiser Intelligence Report internationally to deliver media decision maker perceptions of and plans for the leading digital media brands by country in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. More than 100 leading and emerging digital media brands are measured. Read more…

AIR Global Marcom Example Chart

Programmatic Intelligence Report

The Programmatic Intelligence Report (PIR) supplies the insights required for making effective decisions based on what advertisers and publishers think of programmatic advertising and their experiences with programmatic media brands. PIR delivers the opinions of and plans for more than 50 leading content and programmatic media brands every six months. Read more…

PIR Market Chart Example

Digital Campaign Management System

Before, during and after, the Digital Campaign Management System (DCMS) delivers the necessary insights and direction for managing higher-levels of advertiser satisfaction and improving advertiser experience throughout all stages of the digital ad campaign process. More than 50 leading media brands are measured. Read more…


The Digital Marketing Hub (DMH)

Advertiser Perceptions offers clients the Digital Marketing Hub Report, a comprehensive survey of more than 500 qualified digital advertising technology buy and sell side decision-makers about their plans for and perceptions of the leading and emerging solution providers – more than 30 digital brands measured. The insights from DMH will enable subscribing clients to strengthen their brands improve their customer experience and increase their sales.  Read more…


AIR for Agencies (AFA) – Building Agency Business Through Perception

Utilizing our proven method and panel of leading brand marketers, we are expanding our focus to deliver advertising agencies with the perceptions of top-level decision makers that influence agency selection and retention. AFA supplies actionable data-driven insights and the guidance necessary for improving marketer perceptions of your agency to strengthen your brand value, improve client retention, increase new business and gain a competitive advantage. Read More…

AIR for Agencies Consideration
AP Access Reports

AP Access (APA) delivers timely, research-based insight about the most critical issues affecting the industry every day. All year long, APA keeps clients abreast of the rapidly changing media landscape, enabling more informed decisions, resulting in more successful outcomes and better advertiser experiences.

Special Reports to be delivered in 2016 include:

Native Advertising and Content Report

The Native Content and Advertising Report identifies the truth and debunks the misconcep­tions about how advertisers are planning to implement their own native advertising strategies. More than 50 media brands are measured. Read more…

4. Native Advertising Report

Upfront / NewFront Report

Discover what advertisers think about the Upfront and NewFront – the attitudes, opinions, reviews and trends. The report is second-to-none when it comes to planning insights for improving Upfront/NewFront effectiveness. Fifty-plus television networks and digital media brands are measured and tracked. Read more…

5. Upfront NewFront Report

Mobile Advertising Report

The Mobile Advertising Report tracks advertiser opinions and migration to mobile and its effect on advertising. More than 70 leading mobile media brands are measured in this report. Read more…

1. Mobile Advertising Report

Video Advertising Report

Digital video advertising continues to go mainstream. Find out where the ad dollars are flowing and who’s controlling the purse strings. More than 50 digital media brands and television networks are covered. Read more…

2. Video Advertising Report

Social Media Advertising Report

Measuring trends and opinions of Social Media Advertising, the Report reveals marketer and agency media decision makers’ social media advertising plans, ad spending and satisfaction for all of the top social media brands measured. Read more…

Proprietary Client Solutions

Advertiser Perceptions is the leader in conducting custom and proprietary advertiser research. With exclusive access to our own advertiser panels and a network of partners around the world, we successfully conduct studies for clients needing advertiser insight in the United States and on a global basis. Examples include: Omnibus Panels, Brand Positioning Studies, Market Opportunity Evaluation, Go-to-Market Testing, and Thought Leadership Studies.

Here are just a few examples of often-requested projects…

Proprietary Advertiser Insights

Advertiser Perceptions delivers the expertise and guidance necessary for effectively conducting turnkey custom and proprietary advertiser research on behalf of clients. Clients gain access insights through a managed solution based on responsive advertiser panels and a network of partner panels from around the world. Read more…

AP Omnibus Study

Our clients have the opportunity to gain proprietary answers to their own questions. Every other month, clients submit custom questions for our Advertiser Omnibus Panel to answer. The Panel is comprised of more than 300 U.S. media decision makers representing large advertisers, both agencies and marketers, across all titles and 16 major ad categories…all qualified as being involved in making digital, television, mobile, radio and/or print media decisions.

AP Connections / Proprietary Events

Advertiser Perceptions offers an intelligent approach for connecting media sellers with advertisers (marketers and agency professionals) in a unique and proprietary environment conducive to increasing knowledge, advertiser satisfaction and business. Our Seat at the Table events and Executive Roundtables foster better communication and collaboration among media brand executives and influential advertisers, creating a more positive, long-lasting advertiser experience. Read more…