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Advertiser Experience™ Matters
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Drive Buying Intentions by Delivering a Superior Advertiser Experience™

A media company’s best opportunity for growth lies in the hands of its advertisers — past, present and future. The companies that deliver a superior, frictionless advertiser experience that is consistent with advertiser needs will succeed over the ones that don’t. Advertiser Perceptions delivers both the method and the insight necessary for developing and managing advertiser experience. Through more than a decade of research, analysis and client-work on the topic, we have identified the framework necessary to deliver a superior advertiser experience. We have uncovered the correlation between positive advertiser experience and buying intentions. And have developed a rigorous process for managing advertiser experience on an ongoing basis.

Strengthen Your Media Brand, Increase Sales, and Improve Competitive Advantage

If your business depends on advertising, then nothing is more important to your business success than Advertiser Experience. That is, advertiser opinions of your media brand’s advertising product, marketing communications, selling process and satisfaction. Through more than a decade of advertiser research, analysis and client work we have identified the linkage between advertiser experience and media brand buying intentions. Our findings make one fact abundantly clear, that improving your advertiser experience will have the same effect on your advertising sales.

Measure, Evaluate, and Improve

The advertiser perceptions of your media brand’s advertising product, selling, marketing and satisfaction within the changing and highly competitive media advertising landscape are what determine advertiser experience. Through regular measurement and evaluation of these four components at a granular level, you will know where improvements are needed in comparison to the competition and your own past performance.