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Improve Advertiser Satisfaction with Digital Campaigns

The Digital Marketing Hub (DMH)

Advertiser Perceptions offers clients the Digital Marketing Hub Report, a comprehensive survey of more than 500 qualified digital advertising technology buy and sell side decision-makers about their plans for and perceptions of the leading and emerging solution providers – more than 30 digital brands measured. The insights from DMH will enable subscribing clients to strengthen their brands improve their customer experience and increase their sales.

The Digital Marketing Hub measures over 30 top media brands, providing overall market insights and specific advertiser perceptions of individual media properties and companies. Contact us for an exclusive briefing featuring perceptions of your media brand.

Topics and Trends Covered in this Research-Based Report

Key Measures by Brand: Perceptions of Solution Providers

Technology and Expertise: Vision, leadership assessment

Product and Brand: Familiarity, usage, selection criteria

Marketing: Awareness, brand association

Engagement: Ease of doing business, knowledge, customer service, responsiveness, resource management,

Execution and implementation: ease of use, integration, effectiveness of solution

Customer Satisfaction (NPS): Recommendations to others

Market Insights, What’s Important and Who are the Leaders

Decision Drivers

Requirements and Capabilities

Current and Future Adoption

Spending Plans

Buying Process

Sourcing (channels)

Partner Perceptions of Solution Providers

Leaders: vision, technology and product roadmap, ability to execute, proven performance




Consultants / Solution Integrators

Qualified Involvement in Digital Ad Tech Decisions

Mix of Functions

Buy Side

IT / technology






Mix of Titles

C-Suite, VP



CMOs, VP+ Marketing/Advertising (generalist), Director+ Digital

Technical Decision-Makers (CTO, VPs, Directors, etc.)

Brands Measured in DMH

To Come… Subject to Change

Contact Us for a Complimentary Briefing Regarding Advertiser Perceptions of Your Media Brand

For more information or to arrange a private briefing with specific insights relative to your brand, please contact us at 212-626-6683 or media@PerceptionsGroup.com.