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Mobile Ad Budgets Coming from Print, Television and Digital Display
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NEW YORK – October 15, 2014 – Advertisers are planning to increase their Mobile Advertising Spend in the coming 12 months, according to a new Mobile Advertising Report released by Advertiser Perceptions. The biggest single source of additional dollars will come from print budgets — cited by 41% of respondents — followed by an overall expansion of ad budgets (38%). Television advertising, at 34% of respondents will also take a hit, as will digital display ads (32%). Much more immune to budget poaching for increased Mobile Ad spending are Social Media, Digital Video and Search.

The survey results reflect a desire to spend in relation to consumer technology preferences, as expressed by this advertising decision maker:

 “More and more people are using mobile (tablets and smartphones) to connect, shop, read, view… so we are moving our ad spend more and more to mobile so we can reach users via the devices they are currently using to access content.” – C-Level Marketer

Reaching Customers on Preferred Platform, Awareness, Retail and Online Sales,

and Customer Engagement Are the Top Five Reasons to Use Mobile Advertising

Among advertising decision makers surveyed, more than 75% indicate that connecting with buyers on multiple platforms, building awareness for new brands, services and events, and driving engagement with customers are important factors for choosing mobile advertising.

Smartphones Deliver Results, Audiences and Better Targeting

Tablets Are Highly Regarded for User Engagement and Experience

The Mobile Advertising Report also shows that smartphones are preferred over tablets when it comes to delivering ad results. Smartphones are seen as the platform that delivers such benefits as impressions, conversion, sales, awareness and ROI. Tablets, meanwhile, are valued mostly for attributes like engagement and user experience.

Three-Quarters of Agency Professionals Specify Mobile Media Brand Preferences…

Google and Facebook Are Most Often Requested

Decision maker familiarity with Mobile Ad brands spans a fairly narrow band, with Google and Facebook seen as the predominant brands requested by Agencies. When asked what makes each mobile advertising brand stand out, respondents indicated…


Massive reach, data and tech innovation.”

“Scalability, reach and engagement across platforms.”

“Mirrors desktop experience w/ device-specific improvements (i.e. location).”


Their platform is made for mobile AND they have great targeting abilities.”

“It is on its way up in advertising and conversions to sales.”

“Better research reports and analysis services.”

About the Mobile Advertising Report, Wave Two

In July of 2014, Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 300 agency and marketer decision makers online to gauge their optimism toward, and perceptions of, Mobile Advertising. All survey respondents represent large advertisers and are involved in recommending, specifying or approving spending for mobile advertising. Among the respondents, 59% were agency advertising decision makers and 41% were marketers. Overall, 45% of respondents were at the VP level or higher. Their decision making involvement spans mobile, digital, print and television.

About author:
Frank brings extensive media industry and advertising agency expertise to Advertiser Perceptions, namely as a top-level executive at Ziff-Davis, and Papsadore Direct / Direct Results Group, the advertising agency he co-founded in 1992. His clients included Ziff Davis, Softbank, IDG, CMP, Microsoft, Intel, Saucony, IDG Books’ For Dummies, Comcast, Verizon, and literally hundreds of other leading and emerging companies. Frank lives on Cape Cod with his young son Max, and his black and tan coonhound Zippy.

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